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We specialize in helping outdoor enthusiasts, who want to stay active during colder months be warm, comfortable and more visible to traffic.

If you want to be safer walking at dusk or dawn, with a comfortable, warm and well made toque that looks good and feels cozy then we can definitely help you.

While we’re a newer company, we are the best at Reflective Toques! 

As an outdoor enthusiast who doesn’t like the look of reflective gear, but understands its importance, I made this Canadian toque for the Hockey Dads, Early Morning Fur Baby Walks, Ski team families, and the children we all want to keep safe no matter what.

We understand what outdoor people want and need their clothing to do for them. Outdoor enthusiasts care about style but they also want gear that is comfortable. Add in the complicating factor that most traffic can’t see pedestrians, joggers or cyclists well at certain times of the day. We brought all of those elements into one great solution!

Fun Facts About Allison (The Founder):

As a person who is always cold, I know how cozy you need clothes to be to stay toasty warm during the winter months in Canada. I must have a toque that is comfortable since I live in my toques during the cold months of the year. Both inside my house and outside!

I understand wanting to look and feel good in the clothes that you buy and wear. Clothing and gear gives you confidence while making you feel good about yourself. As someone who has also driven both cars and buses for different teams, I also understand the importance of visibility during the darker hours. This is one of the things I worry about while driving at night both in a busy city and on acreage roads or in the mountains.

I received the Calgary Herald Class Act Award in School, was female athlete of the year, two years in a row and won 2nd at Nationals in our Horseback Riding Club. I have been involved in all kinds of sports including skiing and ski Racing. I understand the family’s that are walking in parking lots in the pitch dark going to or coming from a sport.

Despite some learning disabilities in school, I worked hard to meet my expectations and goals. I fought through those voices telling me “You can’t do it and You will never make it”. Throughout  the ups and downs in my life, I have discovered that drive, passion, courage, vision and a heck of a lot of work can make all the difference in life.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

When you want to be warm, comfortable and more visible to traffic, you need someone you can count on when it comes to Reflective Toques.

We have everything you need to help you. Be safer walking at dusk or dawn, heading out to early morning practices or races all in your comfortable warm toque, that looks good and feels great!

The Adventurer Toque at Reflect You

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FINALLY!!! Canadian toques made for Canadian outdoor enthusiasts with warmth, comfort and visibility in mind.

Mic drop.

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“These toques are amazing!  Our daughter has not taken hers off since we bought it.  She literally wears it from the moment she wakes up until she goes to bed.  Clear indicator of comfort, style and warmth!”

~A Carter

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