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Which one do I buy if I like a snugger fitting toque?

Depending on your head size generally The Trail Blazer and The Adventurer are the snugger or more form fitting toques. See the head size chart to match up the right size for your head.

Which one do I buy if I like a looser fitting toque?

Depending on your head size The Guardian and The Pioneer are a bit looser. If you like to wear a ‘slouch’ style, or you like wearing your hair up in the toque, these two styles offer a bit more room for that. See the head size chart to match up the right size for your head.

What is the difference between all the toques?

The Guardian and The Pioneer

  • The Guardian and The Pioneer toques are a bit of a looser fit than The Adventurer and The Trail Blazer.
  • They are very warm for those bitter cold days.
  • They only come in the Blue colour.
  • They come in two sizes for adults but no children sizes (Check sizing chart).
  • The Pioneer is the same style, fit and comfortability as The Guardian but with no pompom.


The Adventurer and The Trail Blazer

  • The Adventurer and The Trail Blazer are a bit of a snugger fitting toque than The Guardian and The Pioneer for those that like a tighter fit.
  • They are made for a more active lifestyle.
  • They come in two different sizes.
  • They come in two colour options for those people who want to be more bold and fun.
  • They are a slightly different style than The Guardian and The pioneer as they do not have the extra flap or brim at the bottom of the toque.

The Little Explorer

These are the toques for children. They are the same colour and style as The Adventurer and The Trail Blazer but smaller sizes 🙂 They are just as warm with the fleece lining and they are just as durable as the other toques. See the head size chart to match up the right size for your Child’s head.

What happens if I buy one and it does not fit my head or the person I bought it for?

We will gladly exchange the toque you bought for a different size. Or keep the one you bought and give it to a friend for a gift and then buy the size that will work better for you.

If returning, please return the toque in its original condition and packaging.  It must not have been worn or washed or damaged in any way.  Simply send it back within 30 days of purchase and we will exchange it for a size that works better for you. Always make sure you measure your head and check the sizing chart to get the most accurate fit.

How do I wash it and care for it?

When they are ready to be washed place them INSIDE OUT on a cold or warm cycle in your washing machine. DO Not use bleach. DO Not Iron. Always HANG TO DRY and DO NOT put your toque in the dryer.  Avoid washing with clothes that have Buttons or Hooks as these may snag the fabric. Washing the toque by Hand is always an option.

How exactly do I measure my head?

You can watch the videos on this website on how to measure your head to see which size you would best fit into. As well, check the head sizing charts once you have measured your head. Click here to go to the page.

Is it itchy?

All the toques have a full fleece lining in them so they keep you itch free as well as very warm and cozy during the colder times of the year.

Can I return it if it does not fit or I do not like it?

Yes. We stand by our toques and want you to be happy with your purchase. We will gladly provide a merchandise refund for your order within thirty (30) days of receipt. Reflect You stands by its products for quality and workmanship but we cannot accept returns on a product that is not in its original condition and packaging, which includes toques that have been washed or used. Simply pay the shipping back and once inspected we will return your money for the product. Click here to read our full Return Policy for all the information.

What if I want to make a large order for a Team, Club, School or Event?

If you are a Team, Club, School or Event and you would like to make a bulk order please contact us and we would be happy to help assist you.


Why does my toque look different from the website?

While we attempt to show colours of the garments on our website accurately, the actual colour of any merchandise may differ from that shown on our website due to the nature of a garment’s manufacturing process or lighting in the pictures. This may include, but is not limited to: variations in colour (due to dye lots) and sizing.

How do the reflective threads work?

Like any reflective material on construction outfits or cyclists/runners clothing when light, such as car or truck headlights, bounces off the reflective material it causes the light to reflect back to the source and ‘light you up’. The driver will see this and have a ‘heads up’ that someone is there. What makes this toque unique is that the reflective threads are woven all throughout the knit of the toque giving it the look of a normal toque in the day but allowing light to reflect off of it at night so you will be more visible to drivers. This is not a glow in the dark product. Reflective products only light up when light bounces off of them.

Normally, someone who wears clothes with reflective fabric on it can be better seen by drivers. This can help to avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents.


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