little explorers

Style. Comfort. Visibility.

The outdoors have never been so spectacular! 


Warm & Itch free

Finally a toque they won’t want to take off. These toques have a soft fleece lining to help keep your child’s head warm and itch free all day long.

“My kids did not want to take them off. They loved them so much they wanted to sleep in them.”

T. Humpage


This toque goes along on all their adventures. From school, to sports, to everyday life. Versatile, fun and rugged. 

Easy to Care for

Can be washed in the washing machine…Simple, Effective, Easy.


Give yourself and your kids the gift of reassurance that commuters will have an extra “heads up” during the darker hours.

Stealthy reflective threads are woven throughout the knit of the toque. It looks like any other toque during the day but it will light up during the darker hours and shine bright when light hits it allowing your child to be more visible to drivers.

“From a parents point of view, it was great to find a toque that provided warmth, comfort, and peace of mind! The added bonus was that this also was a favourite toque for my kids to wear because it truly was eye catching, unique, and fun to wear.  The subtle use of reflective fabric makes this a most stylish item at all times of the day with a hidden personality that truly pops out when it matters most. “

L. Humeniuk

We Make Toques for canadian weather

With winter comes the dark. Have your Little Explorer be comfortable, warm and more visible while they are expanding their horizons, learning independence and growing their confidence as they are moving throughout life experiences.


Be Visible!

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Best rated toques in Canada!


The Little Explorer Toque at Reflect You

Little Explorer IS

Happy & Visible

Be Happy

Have their precious little head be warm, comfortable and itch free during the colder months of the year.

Be Visible

Have your little “diamond” shine bright to give commuters an extra “heads up” during the darker hours.

The Little Explorer Toque at Reflect You
My kids head size is larger than what is offered is there another option?

If your Child’s head is bigger than what is in the chart you will have to go to The Adventurer page or the Trailblazer page if they would like the same style and colour toque as what is on the Little Explorer page. You could also check out the Guardian or Pioneer head sizing charts if they would like a different style toque to see if one of those would work for them. (Check sizing chart for matching head sizes to the right sized toque)

What if my child is right on the edge of 19.5 and 20 inches (49.5 and 50cm) for The Little Explorer?

If your child’s head size is on the edge, we suggest going with the larger Little Explorers option. It will allow your child the added space to grow into it, prolonging the length of time your child can wear it. Also, if your child has thick hair the larger size is best.

What are the features of The Little Explorer?
  • It is a snugger or more form-fitting toque with no extra flaps that hugs the head in the most comfortable way. 
  • It is a knitted style toque
  • It has a fleece lining on the inside to keep your Child’s head toasty warm and itch-free. 
  • There are Reflective threads woven throughout it to help keep your child visible to traffic during the darker times.
How do the reflective strips work?

Like any reflective material on construction outfits or cyclists/runners clothing when light, such as car or truck headlights, bounces off the reflective material it causes the light to reflect back to the source and ‘light you up’. The driver will see this and have a ‘heads up’ that someone is there. What makes this toque unique is that the reflective threads are woven all throughout the knit of the toque giving it the look of a normal toque in the day but allowing light to reflect off of it at night so you will be more visible to drivers. This is not a glow in the dark product. Reflective products only light up when light bounces off of them. 

Normally, someone who wears clothes with reflective fabric on it can be better seen by drivers. This can help to avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents. 

Do they come in another colour?

Yes! The Little Explorer comes in two fun colours:  Green & Blue and Orange & Blue.

Can I wash The Little Explorer toque?

When they are ready to be washed place them INSIDE OUT on a cold or warm cycle in your washing machine.

Do not use bleach. Do Not Iron.

Always HANG TO DRY your toque.

DO NOT put it in the dryer.

Avoid washing with any Buttons or Hooks on clothing as they can snag the fabric.