The Trailblazer

The TrailBlazer Toque at Reflect You

Style. Comfort. Visibility.

The outdoors have never been so spectacular! 


Look & Feel your best

This stylish knitted toque with its fun green and blue colours will make you look and feel your best in everything you do.

“Comfortable and Cozy! The Reflect You toque is super warm and fits nicely over the ears. I love the inner fleece lining and its awesome reflective superpower.”

E. Devenny

Itch free

Its warm fleece lining makes sure you stay cozy and itch free all day long so nothing will stop you.

Bonus of Visibility

Did you know: According to the Toronto walking survey 60% of pedestrian fatalities occur at night or in dim conditions…

Thats why we have woven stealthy reflective threads throughout the knit of the toque to help you be more visible to traffic without losing any of the style. 


The Trail Blazer has a custom fit design to hug your head in the most comfortable way. It is ready to go for your active life style.

Easy to Care for

Can be washed in the washing machine…Simple, Effective, Easy.

We Make Toques for canadian weather

Finally a toque that does it all. Style, Comfort, Warmth and Visibility. We have mastered the combination of looking good, feeling cozy and being visible all in one package. 

The Trail Blazer toque will be there for you no matter what path you travel down. With its sleek design and fun colours this toque will go where you go and be there every step of the way.

Be Visible!

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Best rated toques in Canada!


The TrailBlazer Toque at Reflect You

The TrailBlazer is 

Active & Style

Be active

If you are the kind of person who loves to explore new possibilities and blaze new trails. This trusty toque will be there for you every step of the way.

Be Stylish

While you are living your best life, your trusty side kick will help you shine while making you look and feel your best.

The TrailBlazer Toque at Reflect You



Please click on the + buttons to the right to view the answers to the frequently asked questions 😉

How do the reflective threads work?

Like any reflective material on construction outfits or cyclists/runners clothing when light, such as car or truck headlights, bounces off the reflective material it causes the light to reflect back to the source and ‘light you up’. The driver will see this and have a ‘heads up’ that someone is there. What makes this toque unique is that the reflective threads are woven all throughout the knit of the toque giving it the look of a normal toque in the day but allowing light to reflect off of it at night so you will be more visible to drivers.

This is not a glow in the dark product. Reflective products only light up when light bounces off of them. 

Normally, someone who wears clothes with reflective fabric on it can be better seen by drivers. This can help to avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents.

What are the features of The TrailBlazer?
  • It is a snugger or more form fitting toque than The Guardian and The Pioneer for those that like a tighter fit.
  • It is a knitted style toque.
  • This toque has no extra flaps. Perfect for those that like simple lines.
  • It has fleece lining on the inside to keep your head toasty warm and itch free. 
  • They do not have the extra flap or brim at the bottom of the toque.
  • There are Reflective threads woven throughout it to help keep you more visible to traffic during the darker times.
Can I wash The Trailblazer toque?

When they are ready to be washed place them INSIDE OUT on a cold or warm cycle in your washing machine. DO NOT use Bleach. DO NOT Iron. Always HANG TO DRYand DO NOT put your toque in the dryer.  Avoid washing with clothes that have Buttons or Hooks as these may snag the fabric. Washing the toque by Hand is always an option.

Is The TrailBlazer the same size fit as The Guardian or The Pioneer?

The Trailblazer is designed to have a snugger fit than The Guardian or The Pioneer.

If you are the kind of person that likes a toque to hug your head then this would be the toque for you.

Check the head sizing chart to see which toque might work best with your head size.

What if I am right on the edge of 21.5 and 22 inches (55-56cm) for The TrailBlazer?

If you are on the edge go with how you like the fit of your toque. If you like a really snug fit go with the smaller size. If you like a little bit of room in the toque or if your hair is very puffy probably go with the larger size. If your head is small but tall you might consider the larger size.

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